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Genolution Inc. mainly focusing on Molecular Diagnostics, RNAi services and dsRNA research for the prevention of breeding and extermination. After obtaining permission for Research Institute in 2007, Genolution invested in R&D, which resulted in a serial success of RNA synthesis in 2008 and RNAi validation in 2009 and started RNAi services in the 2nd half of 2009, which is one of the major businesses at the moment.

Nextractor® is automatic extraction system for rapid isolation of DNA or RNA from a variety samples. Using of Nextractor® can purify up to 48 samples, saving valuable time and labor in your lab. Also it offers a high throughput processing and yields.

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Leader in innovative molecular diagnostics

Based on the advantage of PNA material and accumulated knowledge, Panagene have developed various innovative platform technologies on molecular diagnostics covering multiplexing, mutated gene specific amplification, SNP discrimination and so on. To meet rapidly changing diagnostic market needs.

PANAGENE has expertise especially in cancer-related molecular diagnostics including companion diagnostics using tissue or liquid biopsy specimens. Panagene advanced technology provides not only high level of detection but also simple and convenient procedure to be used easily in the front-line hospitals and clinical laboratories by themselves.

PANA RealTyper™ HPV kit is an in vitro diagnostic reagent for genotyping of human papilloma virus (HPV) using peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes. This kit is an amplified DNA test for the qualitative detection of a total of 40 HPV genotypes in a real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) system. This kit provides genotyping information of 20 high-risk and 2 low-risk types using melting temperature (Tm) analysis. Furthermore, this kit also detects 18 other genotypes (without genotyping) in DNA samples from clinical specimens.

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Sacace Biotechnologies

Molecular diagnostics kits and instruments

Sacace incorporates all functions required – research & development, manufacturing, logistics, technical support, marketing and sales of an extensive line of molecular biology diagnostic tests that accurately screen for the presence of disease in human and food fields – to provide adequate support to its customers.
The products are designed to provide ease-of-use, they are CE marked in compliance with Directive 98/79EC and incorporate the highest quality reagents to ensure consistency, reliability and long shelf life.

Automatic all-in-one instrument including: • Sample preparation, id with barcode scanners • DNA/RNA extraction • PCR setup and PCR amplification • Real Time results analysis • Flexible batch size up to 48 samples • Ready to use reagents • Bi-directional traceability of data

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Personalised Medicine

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd

Allergy UK suggests that 45% of the population may suffer from one or more food intolerances

oodprint, the Food Intolerance test from Cambridge Nutritional Sciences is the first step in identifying which foods may be causing an inappropriate immune response from a simple blood test and is available at Laboratories and Clinics across the Middle East (UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq).

Foodprint® is a highly sensitive and accurate laboratory service that detects the presence of IgG food specific antibodies to a wide range of foods.

The World’s first point of care test for detecting IgG antibody reactions to food.

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Fischer Analysen Instrumente GmbH

Hydrogen breath tests for diagnosis of lactose intolerance and other carbohydrate malabsorption

Fisher develop, manufacture and support on 13C and H2 breath testing, 13C and H2 breath test analyzers, breath test kits and substances.

The LactoFAN2 is a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring hydrogen concentrations in exhaled breath. From a single breath release, measurements are instantly displayed on the large, easy to read liquid crystal display of the hand-held device. The main clinical application of the LactoFAN is the diagnosis of intestinal lactose malabsorption by monitoring the exhaled H2 after ingestion of lactose.

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DRG International

More than 40 years of innovative diagnostics

DRG is a multinational specialty medical equipment and diagnostics manufacturer and distributor, with successful representation in over 110 countries.
Recently, DRG developed the world’s first nonradioactive immunoassays for the determination of active Renin and PLGF as well as a complete panel of sensitive assays for the quantitative determination of saliva steroids. In the last five years, we have developed our own tumor marker panel and a broad range of ELISAs in the field of infectious diseases, including the world’s first assay for the qualitative detection of human Fasciola IgG.

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Leader in innovative molecular diagnostics

According to the WHO report (2008), human papillomavirus (HPV) causes virtually 100% of cases of cervical cancers. There are more than 100 genotypes of HPV reported currently, and HPV consists of double helix circular DNA with ca. 7,900 bps. Compared to the traditional Pap smear test, HPV genotyping has several advantages; 1) high accuracy of determining existence of HPV viruses, 2) genotyping of the HPV viruses, 3) early diagnosis, 4) identifying patients harboring HPV with high risk type, and 5) contribution to prevention and therapy of cervical cancers in the end.